 Link our island’s Rottweiler enthusiast’s/ breeders to the broader Rottweiler community in Australia and the World.
 Become a part of the ADRK WORLD FAMILY.
 Promote an environment to learn about the Rottweiler Breed Standard.
 Place emphasis on the Rottweiler as a working breed and make available Professional Obedience Training on a weekly basis for Rottweiler owners.
 Maintain up to date Breed Records and History Books and further make available to members current NRCA breed registries and Links to enable research for better mating outcomes.
 Provide members with help in all aspects of owning, breeding, showing, feeding, socializing and trailing Rottweilers in way of Literature and public forums.
 Encourage a culture of Transparency and Honesty that promotes Members to follow By-Laws and Code of Ethics
 Invite Members to contribute in any way they can to help the club educate the public about Rottweilers
 Have an open register for Hip Dysplasia / Elbow Dysplasia/Dentition / Eyes
 Brings in Specialist Judges and holds seminars, and produce written critiques from Championship Shows.

 Hold General Meetings so Members are aware of what is happening in their Club
and so those Members can become involved in decision making and administration
of their Club
 Provide a Litter Referral service for people wanting to purchase a quality Rottweiler
 Start a Stud Dog Referral service.
 Assist State Bodies with Homing referrals and advise regards the Rottweiler breed.
 Hold regular breed surveys in line with the ADRK WORLD FAMILY BSE (Breed
Survey Evaluation) or NRCA Breed survey equivalent.